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About Sally

It all started with courgettes...

Baking with Sally

Hi and welcome to Baking with Sally!

I am a food scientist, chocolatier and baker and it is my passion to promote mindful nutrition and food waste reduction through exciting and delicious recipes. 



When the summer came around, my family allotment provided an abundance of green vegetables that were snuck into every meal. Courgettes were the staple, from salad to stew they were always there. We would, of course, never throw them away and this ethos has stayed with me.

This abundance allowed me to experiment with new recipes which resulted in multiple chocolate courgette cakes. This was the beginning of my food journey where I completed my degree in food science and nutrition (and wrote my dissertation about chocolate), worked in professional kitchens and helped me find my ethos; mindful nutrition, food waste reduction and unexpected flavour combinations.

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