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Raspberry and White Chocolate Bread and Butter Pudding

Bread and Butter Pudding is surely the ultimate custardy, crispy, sweet, indulgent dessert. It is also a champion for using that leftover or slightly stale bread that you may have lying around. This delicious pudding is traditionally made with each slice of bread being cut into triangles to create those iconic layers of crispy and custardy bread. However, if you want to use bread rolls or hot dog buns etc. then the dessert can be made just as well with ripped up chunks of bread.

The traditional bread and butter pudding is made with slices of buttered bread and a scattering of raisins. I don't know about you but I'm not a fan of raisins but I love raspberries. So, I thought let's make a raspberry bread and butter pudding and then thought— what goes well with raspberries? white chocolate! I also love brioche bread so it was the obvious choice.

raspberry and white chocolate bread and butter pudding

This dessert was originally well- known for its frugal and rustic origins but you can now find bread and butter pudding in many fancy bistros. Granted, in upscale restaurants they will usually spruce it up a little by using breads like challah or brioche and by making the dessert richer with extra butter or cream. The once humble dessert can be made in so many different ways that it is no longer seen as a dessert to help you pinch the pennies.

We are going a little more upscale than the traditional bread and butter pudding today. I have used brioche bread and made a white chocolate custard to really increase the indulgence. But don't worry, the raspberries cut through the richness to give a perfect balance of flavours so that you'll be going back for seconds and thirds.

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What's the difference between bread and butter pudding and bread pudding?

There's quite a bit of confusion between bread and butter and bread pudding but let me put your mind at ease. They are pretty much the same dessert with only a few distinguishable differences. Both desserts use an egg custard with cinnamon and/or nutmeg. However, bread and butter pudding recipes traditionally butter the bread before it is soaked in egg custard. Bread and butter pudding also has raisins or sultanas sprinkled over the top. Bread pudding doesn't use slices of buttered bread but, instead, uses chunks of ripped up stale bread. It is also a little drier and less custardy. Because of this, bread pudding is usually eaten with custard or ice cream whereas bread and butter pudding is often eaten on its own because it is already pretty saucy.

Now I know I call this recipe bread and butter pudding and yet I don't butter the bread before soaking it in the custard. This is because brioche in itself is already quite buttery so I didn't want to make the dessert too rich. However, if you want to do so then I won't judge. If you are also using a different type of bread then you may want to butter your bread as well.


What's the best bread to use for bread and butter pudding?

I think it's best to use whichever bread is your favourite— you are the one eating it after all. Any plain or sweet bread goes well with this recipe and if you use slightly stale bread, it makes it even better. This allows the bread to absorb more of the custard when it is resting. Also, any bread that can be cut into triangles— like a square loaf— will allow you to arrange the bread so that the triangle tops sit slightly above the custard which will get you that crispy top when baked. The best types of bread to use for this recipe are:

  • Buttery breads – like brioche or challah

  • Plain white bread – sliced, unsliced, rolls or hot dog buns

  • Stale vanilla or lemon cake – I live in a household where cake doesn't really last that long so I don't have this problem but if you have some stale cake then this is a great way to use it up.


Breads not to use for bread and butter pudding

  • Bread that isn't TOO stale – slightly stale bread is best for this recipe because it allows the bread to absorb more of the custard. But when bread is literally rock solid or crumbly then it's a bit too far gone. It won't absorb enough of the custard to be revitalised; it will just disintegrate into breadcrumbs. But don't worry! Don't throw that super stale bread in the bin. Chuck it in a blender and make breadcrumbs. Those breadcrumbs can be used to make an amazing stuffing or sausage rolls.

  • Very crusty and chewy artisan bread (for example sourdough) – won't give you the soft custardy texture that you may be going for but if this type of bread is really your favourite and you want to give it a go then I won't stop you. I encourage experimentation and if you love sourdough then I recommend using the type you can buy in supermarkets as they are slightly softer than the artisanal breads. I would also recommend chopping off any chewy crusts.

  • Seeded and savoury flavoured breads – I mean if you really want to then go for it, I won't judge but I will say that using cheese rolls may not give you the result that you are looking for. Seeded breads will also give you a different texture but if that's what you want then you can give it a go.

  • Heavy breads – like pumpernickel, dense rye etc. will give a pretty stodgy dessert. These breads won't really absorb the custard either so you'll end up with bread surrounded by custard which is a very different dessert.


What to eat with bread and butter pudding?

I have made this recipe so that it kind of has its own custard which is why I ate it on its own. But I will sometimes eat it with some vanilla ice cream to get that delicious hot and cold combination going. But if that's not for you then here are a couple of other options and ideas for you:

  • Cream or mascarpone goes really well if you don't want a super sweet topping

  • Berries and cream. What better to go with raspberries than some more fresh fruit and cream?

  • Chocolate sauce. I mean of course! You can either make a white chocolate sauce or double down on the chocolate and make a milk or dark chocolate sauce.


Flavour inspiration

A bread and butter pudding can be made with all sorts of breads like Italian panettone, croissants, brioche, brown bread or even hot cross buns. Keep trying different combinations to find you favourite.

You can change out the raspberries in this recipe with any type of berry. The chocolate can also be replaced with dark or milk chocolate.


Can you freeze bread and butter pudding?

You can freeze baked bread and butter pudding for up to three months. Just let the dessert cool completely and then wrap it really well with clingfilm and seal in a freezer bag to trap any moisture.

It can also be stored in the refrigerator for up to four days but it is best eaten within the first two days. When storing it in the fridge remember to wrap tightly with clingfilm.

Bread and butter pudding reheats really well. Just cover in foil and place in a hot oven for 5-10 minutes. It's also delicious cold, straight from the fridge.


Raspberry and White Chocolate Bread and Butter Pudding (extended)

Prep time

35-40 minutes

+1-hour refrigeration

Cook time

30-35 minutes



raspberry and white chocolate bread and butter pudding ingredients

6 Slices of Brioche bread

130g White chocolate

75g Salted butter

290ml Double cream

100g Caster sugar

1 tsp Vanilla extract

2 Eggs

150g Raspberries


Preparing the bread

If your brioche isn't pre-cut, cut 6 slices around 1 1/2 cm thick. Cut each slice into two triangles. Traditional bread and butter pudding will butter each triangle of bread at this stage. However, because I've used brioche, I left out that stage. Brioche is still pretty soft and rich even when stale but if you want to butter your bread then go for it.


Making the custard

Half fill a saucepan with water and place on a low heat. In a separate bowl place the chocolate, butter cream sugar and vanilla. Place the bowl over the pan making sure the bowl doesn't touch the water. Leave the chocolate to melt in the cream mixture, stirring occasionally. While the chocolate is melting beat the eggs together in a separate jug. Once the chocolate has melted remove the bowl from the heat and give the mixture a good whisk. Pour a small amount of the cream mix over the eggs while vigorously whisking the eggs. Slowly add more of the cream mix while whisking.

Note: it is important to whisk vigorously at this stage to make sure the custard doesn't curdle.


Assembling the bread and butter pudding

Pour a thin layer of custard into a 23x15cm rectangular, glass or ceramic dish. Arrange half of the raspberries over the top and then layer the slices of bread. Pour the rest of the custard over the top of the of the bread and then arrange the rest of the raspberries. Place a layer of cling film over the top and use the clingfilm to push down the bread without getting your hands messy. Place the whole dish into the fridge for at least an hour or ideally overnight.


Baking the bread and butter pudding

After the refrigeration time, preheat the oven to 180C/160C fan. Bake the bread and butter pudding for 30-35 minutes or until the bread is crisp and slightly golden on top.

Enjoy with ice cream and fresh fruit.


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raspberry and white chocolate bread and butter pudding

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