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Welcome to my blog!

Thank you for coming to see my first ever blog post. Woo! I'm here to give you a little taste of what's to come.

In the wake of another lockdown I have decided to try and share a little positivity through baking. Hopefully sharing my baking knowledge and fun recipes with all of my lovely readers will bring some joy. For each of my recipes I will be trying to incorporate my cooking ethos: mindful nutrition and food waste reduction through unexpected flavour profiles. From avocado chocolate ganache to sweet potato brownies, there is an exciting recipe for everyone.

Food makes everyone happy

I always find baking a really fulfilling and enjoyable process. From such simple ingredients you can create something comforting, delicious and beautiful. Something to be proud of. Even when it goes wrong you can still be proud, you are playing with chemistry and sometimes a slight change in an ingredient can make the whole thing go wrong but that's nothing to be scared of. We learn from our mistakes and become better at creating.

So as well as recipes, I will also be providing tips which will make sure you have 100% success every time and so you can take baking into your own hands.

Thank you for reading and goodbye for now but I will be back with exciting recipes soon!

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About Me


Hi and welcome to Baking with Sally. I am a food scientist, chocolatier and baker and it is

my passion to promote mindful nutrition and food waste reduction through EXCITING and DELICIOUS recipes.

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