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Spinach and Feta Galette

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I love galettes, they are so easy to make and no limit on flavour combinations. They are basically a rustic take on a tart but is in no way less delicious and this spinach and feta galette combination is no exception. I have also included some flavour combination inspirations if you wanted to try some different variations.

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Spinach and feta galette

What is a galette?

A galette is a term used in French cuisine to describe the various types of round, flat or freeform crusty tarts/pies. This freeform pie is made with a pie dough to form the crust and most commonly filled with fruit. The edges are then partially folded over the filling leaving the middle exposed to provide a window to what's waiting on the inside. Savoury versions are less common but are just as delicious.


Flavour inspiration

Tomato this is a classic savoury galette flavour usually using a variety of heirloom tomatoes to create a beautiful and bright galette. To make this galette slice your tomatoes thinly and then salt them ahead of time to make them release any excess water— this will stop your pastry from getting soggy. When they have released some water, perhaps after an hour, lay the slices over your rolled pastry. Fold in the edges and then place onto a hot baking tray and bake. You can add some garlic and cheese to add your own twist.

Mushroom, shallots and goats' cheese so you can use the spinach and feta galette recipe to create this flavour combination. Just replace the frozen spinach with finely sliced mushrooms, the brown onion with 2 large, finely chopped shallots and the feta with goats' cheese. Remove the pine nuts from the recipe and you have another variation of a delicious recipe— easy peasy.

Spinach, artichoke and olivesthe same goes for this flavour combination. You can swap out some the ingredients in this spinach and feta galette and follow the instruction in a similar fashion. Swap the feta for chopped antipasti artichoke and the pine nuts for olives. If the filling looks a little dry you can add a dash more milk.

Leek and pancettafor this flavour combination you can also use the spinach and feta galette recipe. All you need to do is to replace the frozen spinach with finely sliced leeks and the feta with pancetta. Fry the pancetta with the onion and garlic. Also, when you add the leeks to the frying pan you may need to fry them longer than you would with the spinach to make sure they soften.


What to eat with a spinach and feta galette?

This is a really great lunch dish on its own but if you want to eat the spinach and feta galette for dinner you might be wanting something to go with it. This galette goes so well with some cubed and roasted potato and sweet potato. Dauphinoise potatoes are also a delicious addition to the spinach and feta galette, adding an extra creamy richness to an already amazing dish.


Can you reheat the spinach and feta galette?

Definitely although I wouldn't recommend reheating more than once because of general health and safety issues. When reheating, place in the oven at 200C/180C fan for 10-15 minutes or until it is piping hot all the way through. You can reheat the spinach and feta galette in the microwave but I wouldn't recommend it as it can make the pastry go soggy.


Can you freeze the spinach and feta galette?

Of course just make sure you wrap it tightly with cling-film before placing in the freezer. It can be stored in the freezer for 1 month and when you want to eat it, just defrost in the fridge overnight and then use the reheating method above.


A little note on cooking the spinach and feta galette

There are so many variations you can make with this recipe, just check the list above. But there is also so much you can do with this spinach and feta galette to make it your own. I always love to encourage people to experiment with cooking and this recipe is no exception. If you want to make it creamier you can add couple of more tablespoons of cream cheese to the filling. Want a filling with more spice? You can add a teaspoon, or so, of chilli flakes, the world is your oyster or spinach and feta galette in this case.


Spinach and Feta Galette (extended)

Prep time

40-45 minutes

Cook time

25-30 minutes


3-4 as a main


For the pastry

savoury pastry ingredients

110g Cold unsalted butter, cubed

100g Plain flour

100g Wholemeal flour

1/2 tsp Dried thyme

½ tsp Fine salt

1 Egg


Making the Pastry

The pastry is easier made by hand rather than with a food processor or stand mixer. I just feel like you have more control and you don't have to keep stopping and starting stop the lumps of butter dropping to the bottom. Whichever technique you use to make the pastry, you want to rub together the butter, flours, thyme and salt together until you get a breadcrumb texture.

Tip: shake the bowl from side to side to bring the larger lumps to the tops.

Add the egg and 2 tbsp of cold water. Mix the dough until it starts to come togetheryou might need to add a little more water if it still dry. Tip the dough onto a floured surface and then knead it until you get a smooth dough. Wrap it up and leave it in the fridge for, at least, 30 minutes.

The pastry can keep for 2 days in the fridge so it can be made in advance.


For the filling

spinach and feta galette ingredients

1 Brown onion, finely chopped

1 Garlic clove, crushed

250g Frozen spinach

2 tbsp Cream cheese

60g Feta Cheese

Zest of 1 lemon

2 tbsp Semi- skimmed milk or milk alternative

30g Pine nuts

Salt to taste

1 Egg, beaten (for an egg wash)


Making the filling

While the pastry is in the fridge, you can make the filling. Place the spinach in the microwave for around 2 minutes until it is mostly defrosted and then set aside (you can remove the spinach from the freezer before you make the pastry to let it defrost at room temperature instead).

Place a frying pan on a medium heat until it is very hot. Add the pine nuts to the pan and toast until they are slightly golden. Remove the pine nuts from the pan and set them aside for later.

Place the pan back on the heat with about 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil. Add the onion and garlic and fry until the onion has softened. Stir in the spinach and cook until it has separated and completely defrosted. Add the cream cheese, around two thirds of the feta cheese, lemon zest, milk and two thirds of the toasted pine nuts. Stir until the feta has melted and then season to taste. Remove the filling from the heat and allow to cool.


Rolling the pastry

Remove the pastry from the fridge and roll it out between two pieces of baking parchment. Roll it out to roughly create a 25cm diameter circle— it doesn't matter if the edges are jagged or if it's not a perfect circle, it adds to the character of the galette.

Remove the top layer of baking parchment and then flip the pastry on to a large baking tray— an oven-proof oven tray is perfect for this but don't worry if you don't have one, a large baking tray will work perfectly as well. However, if you want to invest in some pizza trays, these are the pizza trays* that I use which are really reliable. I use them as serving dishes as well and you don't have to worry about scratching them because they are stainless steel.


Assembling the galette

Preheat the oven to 200C/180C fan. Spread the cooled filling over the pastry, leaving a 3cm border. Fold the edges to overlap the filling— again, this can be rustic. Top with the last third of feta and pine nuts and then brush the pastry with some of the beaten egg.


Baking the galette

Bake for 25-30 minutes, until the pastry is a dark golden colour and crisp around the edge. Serve with a drizzle of olive oil if you like and enjoy!


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spinach and feta galette

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